♥ Together ♥

 Tija and Tuan.
Abbreviated: TNT. Codename: Dynamite. Spy name: T-Junction.
We're joining forces.

In true nerd fashion, we got engaged on May the 4th ("May the forth be with you"... on your journey together) and have begun setting our sights towards our pending nuptials.

As we look ahead to our wedding, recognizing that we are merging families from countries on the opposite ends of the world, our sights set to "neutral territory" and a place where both of our families could bask in a new adventure with us. But, since our love was born and bread in Africa, we couldn't venture too far! So, in March of 2016, we intend to share our commitment to each other with family and our closest friends on the beautiful island of Zanzibar, just off the coast of Tanzania! Please join us in paradise as we experience someplace new and join our families in mutual love and happiness.

20 March 2016 in Zanzibar!